Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Flintlock Book 1

A regular comics anthology series with a difference - each issue will feature stories featuring a unique range of characters in an Eighteenth Century setting, co-existing in a shared historical timeline.
The Eighteenth Century (1701 to 1800) encompassed some of the most tumultuous changes in world history involving some of the of the richest personalities - and these will be the inspiration for the stories and characters that feature in Flintlock. The book will introduce us to ruthless highwaymen, fearsome pirates, noble samurai and mysterious law-enforcers - and each story will feature amazing artwork by some great comics talent.
This campaign is for the first 44 page book in the series that introduces some key characters to the Flintlock universe! (Target achieved)
The first is the title character Lady Flintlock, a very wicked lady with a supporting cast that each have their own secrets.  The art on Flintlock is by South Carolina artist Anthony Summey. He's drawn a fantastic 24 page story that not only introduces us to the Flintlock anthology's flagship character, but also sets things up nicely for more action and intrigue to come in future books (which are being planned for release twice a year).
In our second story we meet Shanti, the pirate queen of the Indian Ocean, with artwork by Italian artist Lorenzo Nicoletta.  Ruthless and beautiful, Shanti puts a new spin on the traditional pirate tropes - so anyone expecting a female Captain Jack may be in for a bit of a shock!

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