Sunday, October 29, 2017

Categories: Indian Comics Fandom Awards 2017 #ICFA_2017

Indian Comics Fandom Awards 2017 Categories

*) – Best Blogger-Reviewer
*) – Best Cartoonist 
*) – Best Colorist 
*) – Best Comics Collector
*) – Best Fanfiction Writer 
*) – Best Fan Artist
*) - Best Fan Work (Comic, Video, Music etc)
*) - Best Webcomic
*) - ICF Hall of Fame

ICF Awards 2017 results to be calculated based on previous awards polls, nominations. Cosplay category discontinued after no recorded cosplay on any character from Indian Comics universe 2 years in a row. No category-wise separate polls this year. However, you can still nominate a fan or artist in these categories. Your nomination mail/message equals to one vote. Email nominee's name, category (maximum 3 category nominations for 1 person) - or inbox us (Indian Comics Fandom), Deadline is Tuesday, 31 October 2017
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