Friday, June 10, 2016

Hyper Tygers Series (Graphic India)

Hyper Tygers (Comics and Animation) Series is set in a futuristic India in the year 2077, charting the meteoric rise of a small Indian rural community and their cricket team, including their mysterious hero the Green Tyger. We follow the Hyper Tygers astronomic journey to become the greatest Hyper Cricket team in the world.
It’s a rags to riches story, addressing many of the environmental and social growing pains that India and the world are undergoing as rural meets mega city, tradition clashes with future technology, class lines blur and corporations put profit over people and the environment.
The enigmatic hero of the story is a masked and rebellious cricketer known only as the Green Tyger, with amazing super powers tied to nature and the earth. Playing in the Hyper Cricket League, fighting against injustice, and saving the environment from Mr. X and the monstrous terrors created from his dreaded Shadow Corporation, experience the rise of India’s new heroes and the birth of a legendary team.

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