Sunday, December 29, 2013

Champions - Indian Comics Fandom Awards 2013

List of Champions - Inaugural Indian Comics Fandom Awards in association with Freelance Talents

*) - Best Cartoonist - Vishnu Madhav

*) - Best Colorist - Inder Jeet Bhanoo

*) - Best Fan Artist - Jyoti Singh

*) - Best Comics Collector - Sanjay Singh

*) - Best Fan-Fic Author - Mohit Sharma, Soumya Das

*) - Best Blogger - Mohit Sharma, Kapil Chandak

*) - Best Reviewer/Critic - Youdhveer Singh

Congratulations! to winners. Well Deserved! This is a result thread. We are creating awesome banners, graphs for top 3 in each category for our page & blog. BIG Thanks! to you all the for making this event successful & happening. Couple of photo finishes in voting, tough luck to those talented people who lost by narrow margin of 2-3 votes. Special thanks to all 82 nominees (108 nominations in total for 7 categories). Best wishes for next season of ICF Awards. #indiancomicsfandom#ICFawards2013 #comics #india

Decision - Public Poll, Total Nominated Creative Fans - 100+ in 7 categories, Thousands of votes. Plus earlier conducted Best Reviewer category poll.

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