Thursday, August 22, 2019

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Premam #1 (India Ink)

Comic series announced by India Ink

Premam #1 artworks

Writer - Tarun Kumar Wahi | Art - Lalit Kumar Singh

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Xavi Origins Issue 1

Xavi Origins Issue 1 (Dhaansu Productions)
Available here -
Story and script - Yudhveer Dahiya
Sequential lineart- Tadam Gyadu
Colors - Naval Thanawala
Letters- Kishan Harchandani
Cover art- Devmalya Pramanik
Cover colors- Yogesh R Pugaonkar

Tragedy strikes young Xavi’s family when his mother is abducted and killed. Following which, Xavi‘s father sends him off to a boarding school. Due to little contact with his father and being forced to stay away, he becomes resentful of his dad. After spending years away from home, when he finally returns, he finds things are far different from what he expected. His father is no longer the law-abiding citizen he once was. Even though their relationship is far from ideal, little does Xavi realize that his own motivations and outlook towards life are not too different from his father‘s. In this twisted world of power, will his struggles and choices against chaos help him see the light he desperately seeks… or will it only lead to more chaos? Witness the story of an ordinary boy forced into extraordinary circumstances- A boy who refuses to live a life dictated by others.
Review by Himanshu Khatri

ye story h xavi naam ke ladke ki jiski life ek aise event ne change kr di aaj uske pass apna kehno ko kuch nhi hai . jindagi ki struggle ne usse ekdum change kr diya h wo har bure event ke reaction dene ko tayar rehta hai par unproper training ki wajah se mat kha jata jiske liye wo khud ko tayar krne lagta. main iss issue me yahi par iske saath aise bahut event hote xavi ke saath jisse aap padh ke khud ko usse juda payengy. 

writer ne jiss khubi se har charcter ko bnaya hai aur unke beech ki bonding wo aapko real life me kahin na kahin dekhne ko mil jayegi. art and color iss comics ki jaan specialy action scene.....tadam ka art isse pasand aayega unke pichle work se aur naval ji ki coloring shandaar huyi hai. kulmila ke new grounded heroes type story ke liye iss cmx ko chance de sakte hai nirash bilkul nhi hongey...

rating - 9/10

Monday, January 28, 2019

Indian Comics Fandom Awards 2018 - List of Winners #ICFA_2018

Total Winners - 29 (9 Categories)
Hall of Fame 2018 Inductees - 6
Honorable Mentions - 4

Best Blogger-Reviewer
Prabhat Kumar Singh (Gold), Rahul Raj (Silver), Himanshu Khatri (Bronze)
Best Cartoonist 
Sushant Panda (Gold), Husain Zamin (Silver), Samir Narayan (Bronze)
Best Colorist
Aditya Kishore (Gold), Pasang Amrit Lama (Silver), Vibhav Pandey (Bronze)

Best Comics Collector
Prahlad Dubey (Gold), Shalu Gupta (Silver), Gopal Sharma (Bronze)
Best Fanfiction Writer
Hukum Mahendra (Gold), Balbinder Singh (Silver), Talha Faran and Samvart Harshit [Tie] (Bronze)
Best Fan Artist 
Himmat Singh (Gold), Baljinder Singh Korwa (Silver), Dheeraj Anand and Hemant Dhawal [Tie](Bronze)

Best Fan Work (Comic, Video, Music etc)
Apocalypse - FMC (Gold), Toon Tales: Hasgulle (Silver), Sarpvan ka Pishach (Bronze)
Best Webcomic
Green Humour (Gold),  Delicate Desi - Akoodles (Silver), TaccoMacco (Bronze)

Best Cosplay 
Rudra Rajpoot (Gold), Nikhil Verma (Silver), Agam Sharma (Bronze)

Hall of Fame 
Mohan Sharma, Aabid Surti, Bharath Murthy, Shambhu Nath Mahto, Arun Prasad, Akshay Dhar


Honorable Mention
*) - Emerging Publications - Fiction Comics, Comix Theory
*) - Best Community - Indian Comics Universe Fan Club (ICUFC)
*) - Best Magazine - Nanhe Samrat